Unusual look



He is so cuuuute


Those new curls are more mature and very stylish

You know when you feel so tired and alone to feel like shit? I feel so vulnerable these days. I feel like I’ve never been enough for nobody. I feel like I’ve never been a reason to smile for someone, like I’ve never been one of the favourite person for someone. I’m wasted, totally wasted as fuck and nobody seems to understand or notice me. I feel like I’ve always done so much for everyone, but everyone haven’t done the same with me and that’s the worst feeling ever, like they don’t appreciate me at all. I feel like I do things that I prefer would others make to me to make me feel happy but nobody understand that. They always think that I’m the strongest one but it’s not right. I’m the weakest person in this world. I feel like I’m screaming but nobody hears me. I swear God that’s the worst period of my life. I mean, I thinks it’s better staying on my own and not with people I don’t feel at all. The only person I need doesn’t know about my existence and that hurts. I need Him. I need to be happy, I think I deserve it like everyone else on this planet. I’m so tired to be strong on my own, every fight need to be made with someone by your side. I don’t ask nothing but to be happy